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Lazy FPU X86 Flaw Hits Intel Processors With Yet Another Major Security Vulnerability

“A newly discovered security vulnerability in modern Intel X86 processors has been revealed that affects the processor’s speculative execution technology”

Apple To Close IPhone Security Hole That Law Enforcement Uses To Crack Devices

“An update Apple is planning for its iPhone software would close a technological loophole that law enforcement agencies have exploited to gain access to information on those devices.”

VPNFilter Malware Caught Infecting Asus, D-Link, Huawei, ZTE & Others

“VPNFilter malware was discovered by Cisco Talos but it got more attention when the FBI, a couple of weeks ago, seized a domain hosting botnet of 500,000 hacked IoT devices including network-access storage (NAS) devices and home and office (SOHO) routers in at least 54 countries.”



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