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Security And RISC-V

“Tortuga’s whole objective is security, particularly against side-channel attacks, so they should be able to add real value to the committee…When they’re aligned with the standard, their tools and IP should become attractive in guiding design for anyone implementing or using RISC-V. ”

DOD Expands ‘Hack The Pentagon’ To Include Hardware, Physical Systems

“The expanded program, which the DOD announced in late October, indicates that the bug bounty programs have been successful and that the Pentagon is willing to allow private sector companies to review vulnerabilities in more sensitive IT systems. ”

Hacker Talks To Arizona Man Through The Nest Security Camera In His Home

“Andy Gregg was in his back yard a few weeks ago when he heard a voice he didn’t recognize inside his house…The source of the voice surprised him: It was coming from a Nest Cam IQ security camera in his front window. ”


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