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Enterprise Security: Major Flaws Found In Bluetooth Chips

“Two serious chip-level vulnerabilities that could potentially put “millions” of enterprise access points at risk was discovered last week by researchers at security firm Armis. The security flaws could allow hackers to gain access to networks completely undetected.”

Don’t Trust Your Hardware: Why Security Vulnerabilities Affect Us All

“A few weeks ago, Bloomberg reported that China was spying on American tech firms, including Apple and Amazon, by installing secret microchips on server boards during the production process. These hardware trojans are, like the Greek horse used to sneak in soldiers, designed to appear harmless while in actuality they perform secret malicious operations.”

Solving Spectre And Meltdown May Ultimately Require An Entirely New Type Of Processor

“How to identify and fix execution bugs like Spectre and Meltdown has been a burning topic among microprocessor buffs this year. At Hot Chips, one of the industry’s premier academic conferences on microprocessors, experts agreed that the ultimate solution to solving them may require, yes, a lot more talk. ”


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