Technical Overview

Our Technology: Radix

More impact, less effort.

Radix employs ground-breaking, patented technology to detect and prevent security vulnerabilities by leveraging existing functional verification environments. Its advanced analysis helps security and verification teams identify and isolate security vulnerabilities before the device is manufactured, dramatically improving the efficiency and completeness of the security review process. 

Identify and remediate the broadest set of security vulnerabilities

Radix-S incorporates three core technologies to enable pre-silicon security specification and verification at block, subsystem, and chip level.

Systematic Security Verification with Radix

Optimize hardware security with a repeatable and scalable process.

Integrate comprehensive security assurance into your existing flows and technology seamlessly.

Capture security requirements with Radix security rules easily, efficiently and effectively.

Radix Rules:

Accelerate comprehension and remediation of security issues with guidance from an easy-to-use analysis engine.

Information Flow Analysis
for automated tracking of secret assets

Radix Path View
for exceptional visualization

Radix Waveform View
for analysis & remediation