R&D SW Developer, Security Model Analysis Engine Development

Job Summary

Tortuga Logic, an SoC level cybersecurity company is seeking a Software Engineer to work closely in our R&D team in the development and delivery of unique & innovative products to address the growing need for secure SoC designs. At Tortuga Logic, we help the world’s leading SoC design companies to identify security vulnerabilities at the hardware/software boundary. Our proprietary technology will pinpoint potentially expensive security bugs in SoC silicon before tapeout.

Our software development team is tasked with the development of the software applications that deploy our Tortuga Logic technology to analyze RTL designs for security vulnerabilities.  As part of the R&D engineering team, you will be integral to the specification and development of our existing and emerging products.

Our Security Model Analysis Engine operates on the customer’s design in conjunction with Tortuga Logic Security Model to provide detailed information to identify security vulnerabilities in a chip design. We are creating novel methods to automate the identification of security vulnerabilities, and quantitative security metrics for security assurance. We are seeking highly motivated, inventive, Software Developers experienced in tools for implementation or analysis of digital circuits. You may have experience in logic optimization, simulation or formal verification. As an expert software developer, you have knowledge to design efficient netlist data structures and algorithms to operate on them, which scale to handle computationally large problems.  You do not need to be an expert in security concepts, but you will become one.

Necessary qualifications:

  • Expert level engineer with a minimum of 10 years of proficiency in algorithms and data structures for digital logic in the domains of Simulation, Synthesis or Formal Verification or similar products
  • Deep knowledge in design and architecture of efficient, scalable software systems and data structures to support compilation of billion gate designs
  • Experience in multi-threading, multi-tasking and job distribution to support analysis and netlist transformations to minimize runtime and memory footprint
  • Expert programming and debug skills in C/C++.
  • Ability to operate in a small team and be an effective communicator.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Masters degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or equivalent field
  • Experience in the development and support of commercial EDA software
  • Experience in the implementation and verification of SoC designs
  • A background in Computer Security or familiarity with Computer Security topics

To apply, please email your resume/cover letter to jobs@tortugalogic.com.