Emulation Based Security Verification

For today’s complex SoCs, firmware security verification is a tedious manual process that may not adequately identify vulnerabilities directly associated with the hardware, where the majority of exploits can and do occur. While teams may run emulation as part of their verification methodology to ensure  their firmware is operating correctly, emulation alone is not sufficient to find and diagnose security vulnerabilities.

Radix-M provides SoC system level hardware security verification leveraging commercial emulators for firmware and hardware security validation. By running firmware and software on the SoC, Radix-M simultaneously analyzes the entire system, which greatly increases the detection and prevention of security vulnerabilities that may be lurking in the system’s Root of Trust or processing system.

The same Radix security rules created for Radix- S can be run on Radix-M, enabling hardware security verification that scales from block level testing through hardware/software integration testing. Radix-M is compatible with the Cadence® Palladium® Z1 and Z2 Enterprise Emulation platforms, Mentor, a Siemens business, Veloce® Strato platform,  and Synopsys® ZeBu®.

To learn more, download the Radix-M datasheet.