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Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet-of-Things (IoT) is projected to be a $500B rapidly growing market in the computing industry, revolving around the connectivity of many devices. A big necessary step towards IoT security is the use of a Hardware Root of Trust (HRoT), which must be built securely in order to prevent security vulnerabilities that compromise the entire system.


Remote Attestation

An HRoT will be responsible for ensuring that IoT devices properly authenticate themselves to the cloud so the IoT edge can remain operational and collect valid data for the entire system. In this environment, the complexities of key exchange and private data management will be heavily reliant on the security of the HRoT. Vulnerabilities due to improper design or misconfigurations of the Hardware Root of Trust will have disastrous consequences on the security of the final system, allowing private data to be compromised and IoT edge devices to be taken over. Tortuga Logic’s hardware threat detection products can help identify these vulnerabilities.