New White Paper: Securing SoCs with eSecure HRoT from Silex Insight and Tortuga Logic’s Radix-S | Read It Now!

Arm TrustZone-Based
System Security Analysis

Arm® TrustZone® is a hardware-based security technology built into Arm CPUs and IP to provide a secure execution environment. TrustZone can be used to implement a hardware-backed credential store, to emulate secure elements for payment applications, digital rights management as well as verified boot and kernel integrity measurements.

trustzoneImplementing security services requires configuration of TrustZone IP and the development of a TrustZone-aware software stack. This customization and integration process can introduce security vulnerabilities.

Radix provides the capability along with examples to verify the security of a TrustZone based design taking into consideration how TrustZone aware IP is integrated into the larger system and the system software stack

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