Security Assured:
Every Chip, Every Device

Proactively mitigate risk with systematic security verification at every step of chip development.

Does Secure Silicon Matter to You?

Detect and fix hardware vulnerabilities before manufacturing for all semiconductor devices, including ASICs, SoCs, and FPGAs

Radix from Tortuga Logic helps companies that build or rely on semiconductors:

Detect & remediate the broadest set of security vulnerabilities

Accelerate hardware security assurance with a repeatable & scalable process

Reduce the effort of comprehensive security testing

Increase collaboration and minimize errors leading to vulnerabilities

Dramatic Growth in Hardware Vulnerabilities:
Expensive For You and Your Customers

No Security Surprises

Ensure vulnerability detection across your entire system with unmatched, comprehensive analysis of secret information flows and screening for known and unknown threats & weaknesses, including Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE).

Security is a journey – which extends throughout development and your supply chain.

Security Assurance at Scale

Verify security properties at every development stage, from requirement planning
through design and verification for security signoff before manufacturing.

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Address the Inadequacies of Existing Solutions

Prevent system-wide exploits that are otherwise undetectable with current security review methods.

Adding Radix to your hardware design and development lifecycle reduces the risk of:

Our Products

Security verification in lockstep with the development lifecycle




Subsystem Security Verification

Radix-S patented technology detects and prevents security vulnerabilities in FPGA’s, ASIC’s and SoC’s.


Full-Chip Security Verification

Radix-M provides a system level hardware security verification solution.
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